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Developed by Tec4 Lubricants Ltd. Tec4 treatments offers a unique blend of non-corrosive cleaning agents, which are proven to remove contamination and improve the performance of any vehicle, regardless of age, make or model. MRM Automotive Ltd are proud to be an official agent for Tec4 Lubricants.

DPF Engine Cleaning

  • Reduces oil consumption

  • Maintains oil stability and efficiency between services

  • Reduces corrosive acid build up

  • Helps to keep valve train systems clean

  • Helps to prevent sticking valve lifters

  • Quieter and smoother engine running

Why choose Tec4?

When petrol, oil and diesel combust or degrade, contamination is created. This contamination coats key components within the engine, gradually decreasing both performance and fuel economy. Tec4 Lubricants safeley remove this contamination - you will be amazed at the difference it makes to your vehicle.

Tec4 Treatments

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